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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This message needs to be written, because in a world where we rely heavenly on outside forces such as the government, the medical establishment along with the mental health labels. We need to go back to the self healing capabilities of the human experience, the healing power of the mind, the body and the spirit.

We can rebalance ourselves by doing only one simple thing...

Make the journey inwards and listen to the innervoice which softly speaks to you.

I am happy that you've found my page. The Tent represents a safe space where I create a moment of total relaxation, you will be surprised what message your body can tell you.

My hands hear what your body is telling me. Silently and with gentle movements we make this inner journey together. My travels took me to several corners of the world and finally after many years I found a new method that gave people amazing results.

We all have closed doors that stop us to grow happiness. I will provoke that energy that's already inside of you. Are you ready to open them?

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