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 Throughout the years I developed my own unique technique. I was lucky to learn from teachers throughout the world, each guiding me to take the next steps on my healing journey.

In the past I had my far share of difficulties, living with depression and anxiety because of unresolved trauma and addiction to medication. I walked the path from being on three kinds of pharmaceuticals at the same time to almost zero by going within and discovering the power of the healing capabilities of the human mind, body and spirit.

But also integrating my own shadow parts and working on my innerchild are huge steps towards completion and lead to the development of different modalities combined with my own gifts.

I see myself on the cutting edge of spirituality on one side and the grounded no nonsense style of healing on the other.

Take a look at my services and feel what resonates with you and contact me via whatsapp to make an apointment


 You Moment session 

Introduction talk (free of charge) where we have a talk about what wants to come up and released.

It's a introduction talking session (online or in person) of approximately 30 minutes where we will discuss the topic and at the same time I tune in on your energetic system to see and feel where the problem lies. 

I will also explain the session in detail of how I work.
Throughout the years I developed a hands on body technic where I place my hands on different parts of the body and thereby I provoke the energy and go to places where there are blockages stored within the body. All on a very intuitive level.

It's an experience and for every person it is perceived differently, every session is perceived differently.

Key words are : Intens relaxation, cleared mind, sense of calmness and wellbeing, high sound frequencies which opens closed doors to reset your energy. The results will be surprising, the mind will be thankful.


Quantum Touch Healing Session (Dutch and English speaking)

This is a powerful session for the ones that are familiar with healing work and want to dive deeper.

This session is specifically for advanced souls that already expanded their consciousness and want to take it to a higher level. Together we create a powerful vortex where healing can take place.
I work with tools and techniques that I've learned throughout the years. I work with my guides and your guides together.

The following will take place:

Soul retrieval: I go to past/multidimensional lives where parts of the soul are getting back to integration.
Removing etheric implants, these implants are often stored in people's bodies to block them from getting into their higher level of awareness and thus not getting into a higher potential.
Removing negative thoughtforms and entities.
Rebalancing the energy systems (i.e. chakras)
Upgrading their guide team.
Restoring the galactic cord and connecting them to the godhead.
Restoring the grounding cord all the way to the inner earth.
Healing the inner child.
Creating a blue protection dome around the head and shoulders.

These are just a few things that I do in one healing session. Many more things may come up to be dealt with.
For instant, many people who have worked with plant medicine or has done a session can pick up entities via inorganic portals. The field that they have been working with can be contaminated sort a speak. It is important to remove those unwanted energies.

Note: These are often very powerful sessions so I always advise you to make some time to integrate right after the sessions.

Price: 150 (the Netherlands) 110 (Spain)

Duration: appr. 2 hours


Distant Energy Transfer 

Energy travels throughout space and time and can have amazing results

For one hour you receive a full body aura cleansing at the comfort of your home where I tune in on your energetic system, with the help of solfeggio sound frequencies.
I make a hologram of your energetic system and scan in order to connect and re-aligned the different types of the bodies (emotional, mental, physical, galactic) so you feel more connected to your multi dimensional self.

People whom experienced the distant healing had very positive outcomes, such as feeling lighter, more focused, more grounded, increased positive thoughts and a overall sense of well-being and having a feeling of being kinder to others and themselves.
Some of them even reported that blockages in their bodies were removed and repeated negative behaviour patterns were lifted, to have brighter insights, in order to make bigger steps in their lives.

A little about myself.
For years I felt difficulty in finding a path to really settle in here on this earth and from an early age discovered I had the gift of being able to see through the different dimensions.

I simply couldn't do this "sacred work" before working on myself and this meant working year after year on trauma processing and related subjects in order to raise my frequency.

Finally, after many sometimes challenging initiations, I reached a level last year where I could start doing what I came here for, to help help humanity on awakening their dormant DNA, so that they too can awaken others in order for real healing to take place.

I only work directly with Source, so no angels or other archetypes, Reiki symbols etc.

Contact me for more information or discussion on the treatment.


Price: 95,- 

Duration: appr. 1,5 hours



The Gift 

Package of 4 sessions or more

The Gift contains several very powerfull (distant)sessions over the course of several weeks where we will dive deeper and profoundly for a balance reset of your energetic system. Hereby we operate on a deeper level to restore your energetic system and release blockages on a emotional, psychical and spiritual level and can even make more space for your multidimensional self. Also we will reveal your Galactic blueprint. You will recieve powerful activations, keys and codes that will lift you up in your frequency and give you the tools to make your mission here on earth more clear. Prior to this we will have a free call if we both are the right fit in doing The Gift together.

Price: 500,- for 4 sessions

Duration: appr. 1 hour for each session


Partnership retreat 

Book me for one of your retreats or workshops

To be able to work from my Tent on different locations feels so rich and nourishing.

I would love to work with people from all different backgrounds and disciplines in the holistic health field and the medical field.


Together we can really work in a complementary way. Please contact me personally for more details.

House clearing (Alkmaar region or Costa blanca Alicante/Valencia region

They often call me “The House whisperer”


Have you ever had the feeling when you walk into a room that something was not right? As if the energy feels heavy and you don't like being in a place, you actually want to leave.

If you or your child sleep restlessly or if your pet cannot find peace in the house. It can be everything, one specific room, or a corner in the living room, for example, or sometimes an entire house or business premises.

Especially in your home, it is important that you feel good, that the energy is pulsating and you feel embraced. A real homecoming.


They sometimes call me the house whisperer. I only have to enter somewhere and can scan the house for negative energies. I effortlessly bring this back into balance.


Do you want to make your home the nicest place where you can retreat this winter? Then I would like to come by for an energetic clearing. 

Contact me via Whatsapp and we will make a so-called quick scan at your home so that I can understand what needs to be done. 

Also possible to do this remotely. Contact me via whatsapp for more details. 

Price: 275,-

Duration: will be decided on location

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