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Available Online

You Moment Introduction Session

Introduction talk (free of charge) where we have a talk about what wants to come up and released.

  • 30 minutes
  • Grootschermer

Service Description

It's a introduction talking session (online or in person) of approximately 30 minutes where we will discuss the topic and at the same time I tune in on your energetic system to see and feel where the problem lies. I will also explain the session in detail of how I work. Throughout the years I developed a hands on body technic where I place my hands on different parts of the body and thereby I provoke the energy and go to places where there are blockages stored within the body. All on a very intuitive level. It's an experience and for every person it is perceived differently, every session is perceived differently. Key words are : Intens relaxation, cleared mind, sense of calmness and wellbeing, high sound frequencies which opens closed doors to reset your energy. The results will be surprising, the mind will be thankful.

Contact Details

  • Grootschermer, Netherlands


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