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Innerjourney by Karima is all about
Relaxation, Healing and Selfdiscovery

Discover what's already inside of you

Currently based in The Netherlands and Spain. Contact me for more information.

Sjamanic healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Initiations , Energetic Bodywork
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Innerjourney by Karima represents a safe space, where I create a haven of total relaxation. Just step inside and leave the mind behind for a while. Discover what your own energetic body will tell you. And lets unfold this together. 

Over several years I developed a unique technique , where I combine several body healing techniques which works through body, mind and spirit. This has allowed people who have taken my sessions to feel total relaxation and a sense of calmness

Because I work very intuitively, I pick up on signals from the body and direct its energy to benefit the healing process and release the blockages on a cellular level.


My work has also a sjamanic approach. I have the gift of seeing and feeling through the different dimensions, where I remove the blockages.  I remove dark spirits and entities that keep you stuck in a lower frequency. This release can also take place on a emotional level and make space for new insights. It can even help you to make the next big steps in your life. To feel lighter, to think more clearly and to un-lock your spiritual potential. 

Its important to note that you are the one who is doing the work. I am the spaceholder that allows to create a sacred space where alignment from the body, mind and spirit can take place. 

My treatment has been used to assist clients with the following:

. Deep wombhealing from traumatic experiences both in parallel lives as in your current life
. Removing and neutralize negative thought forms, spirit medlers and entities

. Releasing you from earth-bound spirits

. Reconnecting you with your spiritteam
. Trauma release

. Guidance in coming off medication

. Insights in your multidimensional self

. Soulretrieval from parallel lives that effects your current life


Our bodies tells magical stories. Are you ready to hear them?

Sjamanic healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Initiations , Energetic Bodywork

R. Hubbard

Karima has a gift … to open up the pathways to allow the body to heal. I have an open inquisitive mind yet I was humbled after the first treatment to discover that pains were reducing, mobility was increasing whilst a new energy was coursing through the open pathways left vacant by the negative elements. These are the only words I have to describe this treatment.


Are you curious or have any questions? I am happy to answer them all

0034 711008283 or 0031 6 30530521

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~ Only from the heart you can touch the sky ~


Sjamanic healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Initiations , Energetic Bodywork
Sjamanic healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Initiations , Energetic Bodywork

About me

Twadhali means Welcome!

As a wanderer I follow my path through curiosity and awe. 

Driven by intens emotions and a highly sensitive spirit, I have a gift to really see people and lift the veil of disillusion…

I see myself like a musical instrument, highly tuned and refined. That hasn't always been easy throughout my life, both for me and those around me, where the world can be a tough place. I have experienced the anxiety and depression that we sometimes find ourselves weighed down by, but have been able to transform this negative force into the fire of creation instead of destruction.

My work takes place in a very intuitive way in which my hands automatically go to the places on the body where there are blockages, in order to remove them.

The energetic system has different layers. The physical, the emotional, the mental, the energetic, the buddhic and the galactic body.

I cleanse these and make sure they are connected again. 

I also take care of the restoration of the grounding cord that starts at the tailbone, so that people feel more grounded after the session.

For people who are already very open and have worked a lot in the spiritual field, I let them reconnect with their multidimensional selves. This strengthens their intuition and this can provide better communication with their higher self. They tend to think more clearly and therefore make decisions easily.

I also remove negative thought forms that are somehow attached to their energetic system. 

I don't know in advance how the session will progress , but by connecting myself with the client in an intuitive way, I focus on what needs to be done as an individual and make people aware of where the blockages are.

When we are truly able to open our hearts, and ignite that fire inside all of us, then we are really wild and unstoppable! Your future belongs to you … are you ready to take that first step? I have been granted a gift to really see people and lift the veil of disillusion that surrounds us.

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